who are we


 Who We Are

Sepanj is a branding studio offering advice and counselling on branding and Digital Service. Our services include but are not limited to preparing marketing strategies, market sectoring, goal-setting, identifying sales strategies, developing slogans, and designing brand elements on the basis of set strategies. Through offering inspiring, creative, and feasible ideas, we help our clients spearhead the market.  

Our philosophy is that the world is a workshop for our creativity, where we mix art and modern science of marketing in order to help our clients enhance their businesses.

We are fond of innovation, and we only consider modern media of high impact factor for our clients. Advantages we bring about to our clients include creativity, innovation, integrated services, as well as long-term cost reduction.


Where Our Name Comes From

The word SEPANJ is borrowed from Ferdowsi’s masterpiece Shahnameh. The literal meaning is “existence”, “guest”, and “pergola”- a place for a short rest.

As far as our logo goes, we have used part of “mandala” from Samanid Empire’s architecture. Mandalas are symbolic circles implying self-concentration and internal search. They have similar interpretations in different religions; i.e., say unity and spinning around a unique force. Sepanj Group has benefited the labyrinth part of the symbol as its logo. We have meant to imply “solutions to problems”, “approaches to survive crises” and “reaching light”.

also Sepanj Group has created a digital service company with a passion to design, build, and run software for global innovation-driven businesses of various sizes. We like to distinguish ourselves by focusing on a real partnership to co-create value-adding digital solutions. We are on a mission to become a trusted partner of these players around the world. With our team, we’re proficient in helping them to boost productivity, solve problems, and enhance services.